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Jack's Grill



About Us

Nino’s Grill is a unique collaboration of motivated, local individuals who together strive for excellence in every aspect of the dining experience. Our staff, by living and loving what they do, have created a fresh unique flavor and flare that is not just another place to eat but to feel at home. We are passionate about our customers and each other.  It is with this passion, from our families to yours that brings forward Nino's Grill. We have something for everyone, any occasion, big or small.    Each person creating this restaurant has an area of expertise yet we all have a common goal of being successful in everything we do. This team is comprised of professionals from many fields. We have utilized Interior decorators, lighting consultants, audio/visual consultants, professional craftsman, and the best modern equipment on the market for the build of our restaurant. All areas of the business are approached with excellence in mind, serving you as our main focus. As a business we strive to ensure the best experience possible, to make our customers and employees believe in what we do. Our goal is to set a new standard in the fast-casual bar/grill sector of the industry. Our owners and managers won’t just have the role of performing their job assignments, but they will be role models. In the community we want our goods and services to be beneficial to the health and vitality of our people. Nino’s Grill will be a positive impact in the town of Templeton.    We do not however, consider ourselves a ''Sports Bar'' in the typical sense of the phrase. While we will always play professional sports on our T.V's, we are, however committed to the over 100 youth sports teams in the area. A place to hang out with your team, watch your own games, and impact our youth in positive ways. Our mission is to serve the highest quality product by the highest qualified staff. Come enjoy local wine and beer, slow smoked meats, salads from local farms, unique sandwiches, fresh fish, burgers, and more. Most importantly, enjoy the lifestyle created by locals for your whole family.We proudly introduce Nino’s Grill! ‘Come on Over’

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